What to Take

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Making Your Camping or RVing
experience the best!

It's never too early in your planning to begin thinking about the essentials to make your Camping or RVing adventure the best it can be. These handy checklists are just a start for getting you on the road to a great outdoor adventure the whole gang will enjoy!

If you would like to download a PDF version of this checklist to print out, click here.

Food Preparation

  • A small propane or charcoal grill with charcoal and starting fluid or propane tank
  • Butane lighters (preferably the longer ones used for starting fireplaces)
  • Storage containers, aluminum foil, napkins, plastic zip lock bags
  • Cutting board, knife and knife sharpener
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Dishes and silverware (consider using heavy plastic ones and dispose after a couple of outings)
  • Kitchen linen (napkins, pot holders, tablecloth, towels)
  • Coffee pot/tea kettle and filters, tea and coffee
  • Cleaning items (soap, sponge, paper towels, kitchen brushes and cleaners)
  • Paper/plastic bags for trash collection
  • Several gallons of bottled water or good water filter

Outdoor Relaxation

  • Lanterns and fuel for outdoor lighting
  • Outdoor furniture (stools, folding chairs, stackable chairs, etc.)
  • Outdoor sleeping gear, if desired (air mattress, ground cloth or moisture barrier, sleeping bags)
  • Battery powered radio (with weather bands is an excellent choice)

Campsite Maintenance

  • Spare batteries (9V, 6V lantern, D, C, AA, AAA)
  • Tool set (screw driver, etc.)
  • Ropes, tarps, bungee straps, tape (electrical, duct, etc.) + other items necessary to secure gear
  • Small shovel, ax, level and small pails
  • Wood blocks and levelers to assist in leveling your recreational vehicle
  • Broom, mop and dust pan
  • An ample supply of toilet paper, toilet chemicals and tissue
  • A good camping manual (if new and unfamiliar to necessary campground procedures)

Frequently Forgotten Items - Don’t Forget...

  • Prescription glasses/sunglasses (and prescription in case they are lost)
  • Camera/film/video recorder/ extra digital image storage
  • Stationery and stamps
  • Address Book/PDA with phone list
  • Cell phone, charger, instructions, accessories
  • Quarters/Dimes/Nickels
  • TV/Satellite manuals
  • Rock salt supply (for water softener)
  • Power inverter
  • Battery jumper cables/flares/flashlight
  • Accurate tire pressure gauge
  • Emergency items: First aid kit, heating pad, ice bag
If you forget something, don’t worry. Many RV parks and campgrounds have well-stocked stores with some of the basic supplies you will need.