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Hello there,

Spring is in the air and if you’re like many campers across the country you are preparing for a fabulous camping season. That means opening up and airing out the RV, giving it a good spring cleaning (check out my green cleaning recipes), and stocking it with everything you’ll need for an easy RV getaway. This includes the kitchen, too. So many RV Cooking Show viewers have emailed me asking what pots and pans I bring along on my adventures. Aiming to please, I’m delighted to present RV Pots & Pans & Warm Tortellini Salad (didn’t think we’d get away without eating, did you?).

In this episode I’ll share with you what I carry along, what I could do without, and what I wish I had. Take a look and feel free to print out our RV Pots & Pans Checklist, add to it and make it your own. After we review the essentials I’ll show you how to prepare a simple and delicious pasta salad that takes advantage of beautiful spring asparagus and is tasty warm or cold.

In other news, I’m tickled to tell you I’m on Twitter where I “tweet” about all sorts of things RVers might find handy or interesting. From a 1937 Ford Motor Company film showcasing Bryce Canyon National Park to extreme pet grooming and more, you’ll be entertained and maybe even enlightened. Follow me on Twitter. I’m also assembling a Facebook Fan page and will have more to report on that with the next show.

Speaking of, stay tuned to the RV Cooking Show and get ready to camp!


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