Pets at the Park

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Pets at the Park

Family Camping Vacations are not Complete Without Fido and Fluffy!

GoCampingAmerica.com knows your pet is a member of the family. We also know they love to camp as much as you do. Most private RV parks and campgrounds welcome your pet; however, some parks may restrict certain breeds and/or sizes of dogs or set a maximum number of pets allowed per campsite. Many state and national parks do not allow pets. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to make sure your Fido or Fluffy will be a welcome guest.

In order to make your trip pleasant for everyone, consider these easy, useful ideas and tips. If you would like to download and print a PDF version of this checklist, click here.

  • Before leaving, make sure your pet’s medical needs (shots, medication, etc.) are up to date
  • Carry your pet’s health certificate with you just in case it’s needed
  • Make sure your pet has up to date ID tags – consider temporary tags indicating the name and phone number of where you’re camping
  • Take baggies for scooping (a must!!) and use the designated pet walk if provided
  • Take flea/tick collars or other repellants to combat unwanted “hitchhikers”
  • Pack your pet’s bag with his/her old familiars - blanket, favorite toy(s), food and water bowls, and favorite snacks
  • Take along a pet carrier, pet tent, or other type of outdoor pet shelter
  • Take frequent breaks while traveling to stretch, exercise, and walk your pet
  • Don’t forget the leash (usually required) for getting out and about
  • Never leave your pet in a hot, non-ventilated vehicle – a car or RV – it only takes minutes for the heat to overcome your pet
  • Once you’ve arrived, please be courteous to your human neighbors (and away from pesky and dangerous critters such as skunks, porcupines, etc.) - keep your pet leashed and well behaved
  • Be aware of your pet’s fitness level and avoid pushing them beyond their abilities
  • Don’t leave pet food outside or chances are you’ll have some uninvited “pets”
  • Never let your pet spend the night outside - one never knows what hungry predators lurk
  • Physically check your pet daily for anything unusual – limping, excessive scratching, biting of any body part, loss of appetite, excessive water consumption, etc.

With a bit of planning, a well deserved camping vacation can make family memories that last a lifetime. Enjoy your trip - we hope a great time is had by all!!