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Port Isabel Park Center

702 Champion Avenue
Port Isabel, TX 78578
United States
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Located in the Southern tropical tip of Texas in the Historic town of Port Isabel, just before you cross the causeway to South Padre Island.

Port Isabel Park Center is now a fully gated community!  We pride ourselves in our friendly staff and great service. We are working towards becoming the biggest RV park for boating and fishing in south Texas. Come and enjoy our new look, our new lighted fishing piers, new floating boat docks, new atmosphere and new attitude. We're just a short drive to several birding and wildlife refuges, the sun and fun of South Padre Island, and lots of great shopping and dinning. Bring your golf carts, boats, jet skies, and fishing equipment. We want to be your home away from home.


Coming into Port Isabel on Highway 100, turn right on Champion Ave. There is a Hino gas station on the corner. Once on Champion Avenue you will see security Gate A to the right, if it is not open call the number on the gate.  The office is in the building with the red door to your left as you enter.


Port Isabel Park Center Rules

In an effort to improve our park and better our surroundings, there are a few basic rules we would ask you to abide by while staying at the Port Isabel Park Center LLC.

1.        Registering guests must be 25 years of age with valid credit card and valid picture ID.

2.        Each lot is rented to only one (1) RV or one (1) tent at a time.  No site may be subleased or rented to a third party at any time.

3.        Each lot is limited to 2 pets max.  Pets must be kept on a short leash when outside your residence and should never be left alone to disturb neighbors.  When walking pets, keep them off yards, plants, and away from parked vehicles that you pass.  Pet excrement must be picked up INSIDE & OUTSIDE of the park by requirement of city ordinance.  BARKING DOGS MUST BE CONTROLLED AS IT IS CONSIDERED A NUISANCE TO OTHER TENANTS. See the insert in your welcome packet for more information regarding Port Isabel city ordinance 483-D regarding pets.  Failure to comply to city ordinance can result in eviction.

4.        RECEIVING/SENDNG MAIL AT 702 CHAMPION AVE Outgoing mail box is located outside the front office.  Incoming mail is distributed in alphabetical order in boxes in the Rec Hall, and incoming packages are available in the office.  Homeland Security requires all person receiving mail at this location have on file in the office two of the following documents of your choice:

a. Valid driver’s license or state non-driver’s identification card - b. Current armed forces, government, university, or recognized corporate identification card. - c.   Current voter or vehicle registration card. - d.  Current home, trailer, or vehicle insurance policy.

5.        Please deposit all garbage inside plastic bags in blue dumpsters on the East end of the property.  Break down all cardboard boxes.  Call the office to pick up any yard/tree clippings.  For other large items please contact Management before disposing of them. 

6.        Please do not drive through the back of lots where water, sewer, electric, and phone lines are buried.

7.        Please park on your own lot at all times.  If for any reason you have an excess of vehicles because of visitors, etc., please make arrangements with the office.  Parking in the street right-of-way will not be allowed.

8.        Please remember to drive within the speed limit of 10mph at all times.  Be aware of walkers, bicyclers and children at all times.  Violation of this rule by you or your guest(s) can result in immediate eviction; it is your responsibility to inform your guests.

9.        Remember that 10:00 PM is quiet time.  Please refrain from any activities after 10:00 PM which might disturb those around you.  Profanity, drunkenness, loud music or boisterous conduct will not be tolerated at any time.  Excessive noise at anytime is unacceptable as well as any activity which might be an undo disturbance to other tenants.

10.     No smoking will be allowed in any public building.

11.     Placement of structures on your lot is limited.  Please submit a Lot Modification form, available in the office, and a drawn proposal of size and type of structure desired in order to obtain approval from the office and in some cases the city building department.  Some structures will require a permit; you will be responsible for obtaining such permit.  Also any painting of your RV, trailer, or storage unit, planting or changing anything on your lot will require a Lot Modification form be submitted to be approved by Management.  PLEASE NO DIGGING ON LOTS WITHOUT MANAGEMENT APPROVAL.

12.     Please clean your fish at the fish cleaning stations.  DISCARD FISH REMAINS BACK INTO THE WATER, NOT IN THE GARBAGE ON YOUR LOT OR IN THE DUMPSTERS.

13.     FISHING PIER You must accompany your guests at all times and keep a close eye on children while on the pier.  YOUR GUESTS ARE NOT WELCOME TO USE THE PIER WITHOUT YOU BEING PRESENT.

14.     Boat slips and floating dock spaces are available for rent.  Slips and dock spaces are for the park residents only. Slips and docks are rented by the month only.  Please notify the office if you would like to rent a slip or dock BEFORE parking your boat.  Do not tie your boat up to any of our docks or piers for ANY reason other than to retrieve or park your trailer during launching or retrieval of your boat.  Kayaks, canoes, paddleboats, etc cannot be left or stored on docks, you must store them on your own lot at all times.

15.     Boat ramp is only for park residents, the public is no longer able to use the facilities.  Make sure your trailer has your site # on the tongue so that we can identify it as a resident.

16.     We do have off-site parking (storage) available for our residents.  Inquire in the office.

17.     Please consider the safety of your clothes lines and hammocks.  If left up make sure they are not a hazard to your neighbors or PIPC staff.

18.     Please use water wisely.  Washing your vehicles is limited and will be prohibited during local water restrictions.  Any runoff of water must be kept to a minimum.

19.     Lots must be kept clean and orderly.  Do not leave items lying around that would be unsafe to you, your neighbor or PIPC staff.

20.     Park activity calendars can be found in the Rec Hall.  All activities are for park residents only.  Any outside guests must be approved by the Activities Coordinator.

21.     Free Low-speed wireless is available in most of the park, the password changes monthly and can be found on the activity calendar each month.  Low-speed is not to be used for streaming (ie: watching movies/videos, listening to music, or as a telephone alternative).  Free High-speed is wireless is available in the Rec Hall during office hours.  Disconnect from internet when not in use.  Do not share passwords with non-residents.

22.     Mobile propane services enter the park at 8AM on Monday’s and Friday’s.  Place your tank in front of your RV and they will fill it and knock on your door for payment.  Motor homes can request a service card in the office to place in your front window.  If you will not be home leave money in the office.  Check with the office for current prices.

23.     Laundry is open from 6 AM until 8 PM, 7 days a week.  Please do not start washers or dryers after 7:30 PM.  Quarters are available in the office.

24.     Male shower rooms are on the north side of the laundry building, female are located south of the car wash.  Codes are available in the office, DO NOT GIVE TO NON-RESIDENTS.

25.     The exercise room is available to residents only.  Please wipe off machines after use.  Return all weights to weight rack and other equipment to its proper place.  Please help to keep this space clean and tidy.  Before leaving be sure to turn off lights, fans, and to make sure the door is locked.  Code is available in the office, DO NOT GIVE TO NON-RESIDENTS.

26.     Check-out is by noon.  Late check-outs need to be cleared by the office.

CANCELLATION POLICIES: There will be a $25 cancellation fee for all cancelled reservations.  Cancellations for rentals of 30 days or longer must be given within 60 days prior to arrival in order to keep your deposit.  Cancellations for rentals less than 30 days must be given within 14 days prior to arrival in order to keep your deposit.

If for some reason you cannot stay this year but would like us to hold your deposit for next year it is not considered a cancellation.

DEPOSITS: A deposit is required for all reservations.  Your deposit can be carried over to the following year when you leave but does not constitute a guarantee of site preference.  If you choose not to return your deposit can be put toward your departing electrical bill or can be requested to be refunded.  Refunds will be sent out via check within 30 days.

SECURITY GATES:  A clicker will be needed to enter our gates.  You are responsible for letting your guests in the gate, not the office or emergency #.  No device is needed to leave the property.  Clickers for temporary residents require a $30 deposit that is refundable upon its return.  Loss of clicker leads to forfeiture of deposit.  Permanent residents will need to purchase a clicker for $30. 

We are here to make your stay an enjoyable one.  Anything we can do to make your stay a better one feel free to ask.  Please notify the office or Management of any items in the park needing attention that you feel is being missed or wrong.  We want to keep PIPC a clean and safe place for you to call home.

To reserve a lot for the next season a signed reservation form will be required and can be picked up at the office.  Reservations for certain lots will be honored if possible.  Management reserves the right to make changes based on existing conditions and length of stay.



Thank you for helping comply with these rules.  Your cooperation is keeping our facilities clean and safe is appreciated.  We hope you enjoy your stay here at Port Isabel Park Center LLC.


K Point - (K3-K9) NOW READY FOR RENTAL!        Daily Rate:   $55Includes electric.   Weekly Rate:  $275Plus electric.   Monthly Rate:   $500Plus electric.   


Water Front              Daily Rate:        $38Includes electric.  Weekly Rate:  $193Plus electric.  Monthly Rate:  $350Plus electric.  


      Daily Rate:  $35Includes electric.  Weekly Rate:  $180Plus electric.  Monthly Rate:  $325Plus electric.  


Standard Lots         Daily Rate:           $35 Includes electric.Weekly Rate:  $147Plus electric.Monthly Rate:  $300Plus electric.


Cable Television Daily Rate:                  $2.00   Plus tax.Weekly Rate:$10.00   Plus tax.Monthly Rate:$27.48   Plus tax.


DiscountsOrganization                 Discount

TACO Saver Card


10% Discount off regular daily rate.

10% Discount off regular daily rate.




  • Rates include all utilities except propane and electricity when specified.
  • Plus electric for all stays 7 days or more.
  • Electricity is metered and will be billed according to the amount consumed.
  • For tents, vans, pop-up campers without air conditioners and that do not require full hookups, there is a daily rate of $20.00.  NO GENERATORS ALLOWED. No weekly or monthly rates are available for this category.
  • Sites are generally rented to two adults. If you have additional occupancy, please notify office.
  • Check out time is 12:00 noon.
  • There will be a $30.00 charge for all returned checks and rates are non-refundable.
  • Rates effective November 1, 2015 and are subject to change at any time.
  • MasterCard, VISA, and Discover accepted. 
  • There will be a 3% fee on credit card charges and 1% on debit card charges.
Local Interest: 

The Laguna Madre area including Port Isabel and South Padre Island is renowned for its excellent sea food, art, nightlife and culture. There are so many wonderful sights and sounds to behold throughout the Rio Grande Valley; whether it be for business or pleasure.

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