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Tillamook Coast RV Park

85 3rd St.
Tillamook, OR 97141
United States
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Directions from Portland

Head East on US-26

Head West on OR-6

Head West on OR 131

Arrive at Park on Left


The following rules apply to all Park areas, including both the RV Park and the camping areas.   

Signed Agreement.  All park users, except guests or minor children of existing users, must sign a Camping Agreement or RV Services Lease Agreement accepted by Park staff, and pay all required fees, prior to using any Park areas.  Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. 

Quiet Hours: 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.  No music, yelling, loud talking, or other loud noises are allowed during quiet hours. 

Speed Limit: 5 MPH.  You must follow all posted traffic notices and directions.   

General Conduct.  Drunkenness, loud arguing, criminality of any kind, threats of violence or loud disturbing noises will not be tolerated.  All Park users must act respectfully at all times and not disturb other users.  Absolutely no damage, destruction, or defacing of property is allowed. By signing the Camping Agreement or RV Services Lease Agreement (as applicable), you assume full responsibility for damages to any Park facilities or private property while here, and agree to reimburse Tillamook Coast RV Park, LLC for any repairs necessary to return property to its original condition. Tillamook Coast RV Park, LLC is not be responsible for accidents, injuries, loss of money, or valuables of any kind.  You are fully and solely responsible for protecting your valuables, children under their care, guests, and pets while on the premises.   

Alcohol: Light enjoyment of alcoholic beverages is permitted; however, public intoxication and drunken belligerence will result in police involvement and immediate removal from the park. Glass bottles are only allowed in your RV space or campsite.   

Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia: Use of controlled substances without a prescription and related paraphernalia are prohibited at our facility.  

Guests and Children:Those not listed on the application are considered a guest. If you intend to have guests during your stay, these guests MUST register at the Park Office before proceeding to your campsite. Guests will be required to provide their name, address and phone number. Guests are not permitted to stay overnight and must leave the Park by 10:00 PM.  All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.   

You are personally responsible for ensuring that your guest(s) and any children under your care or under your guests’ care comply with these Rules and your Camping Agreement or RV Services Lease Agreement (as applicable).  You must not act, or allow others within your control to act, in a manner that disrupts other users’ use and enjoyment of the Park.  Such prohibited actions include harassment of any kind, misconduct intended to harass or disturb others, acts of violence, threats of any kind, name-calling, degrading statements, and any other behavior that a reasonable person would interpret as aggressive, highly inappropriate or offensive.   

Pets: All pets must be registered with Park management.  An unregistered pet/animal may be grounds for immediate removal.  There are no dog breed or size restrictions, although pets must be well-behaved. Unreasonable barking is prohibited.  When your pet is outside, it must be kept on a leash no longer than six (6) feet and must be kept under control at all times.  No pet shall be unattended or unleashed at any time for any reason unless inside the dog park.  You must promptly clean up after your pet and dispose of pet waste properly. PLEASE bring copies of shot records for our files and remember YOU are responsible for the behavior of your pet and liable for any damage or injury caused by your pet.   

Trash: Absolutely no littering! Cigarette butts included.  You must keep every part of your site free from accumulation of debris, filth, rubbish, garbage, rodents and vermin.  All ashes, garbage, rubbish and other waste must be promptly disposed in a clean, safe and legal manner.  Place all trash into trash bags, and then into the dumpster. No carpets shall be placed on the grass. RV outdoor mats must be picked up every three (3) days to provide the grass healing time. Any items on the site that, in the management’s opinion, cause a negative impression of the site or the Park are subject to removal by Park staff. If your site is left unsightly, an additional clean up fee equal to the greater of $50.00 in total or $25.00 per hour of clean-up labor will be charged.   

Outside Storage: You are responsible for a clean campsite area.  If you have a camper or RV, please put any containers or accessory items under your camper or RV. 

Campfires:  Small personal campfires are permitted, but bonfires are prohibited. Do not start a fire in windy conditions. Your tent/RV, gear and any other flammable objects must be at least 15 feet away and upwind of any fire that you start. ONLY use lighter fluid (if needed) to START a campfire (NEVER squirt it into an open flame). Never use any other accelerants, like gasoline, as this can be dangerous to you and others around you. DO NOT burn anything other than wood; no bottles, cans or paper of any kind are permitted in our fire pits. You must keep water nearby when you have a campfire, as you might have a sudden need to put the fire out. 

Safety: Because of the wildlife in this area (snakes, mice, opossum, raccoons, porcupines, skunks, coyotes, etc.), you must store all food inside your RV or vehicle and immediately throw food scraps and leftovers in the dumpster when finished eating. We do not want to encourage the wildlife to visit! Please stay with young kids while on nature walks. There is abundant wildlife here. Always watch for TICKS and POISON IVY/OAK and wear appropriate clothing and/or tick repellant.   

Water: Our septic and water system is sensitive. Please exercise restraint when using water so our well can supply everyone's needs. Your water usage must be reasonable. Keep showers to a minimum! You may not put ANYTHING other than toilet paper in the campground toilets. To keep your RV from clogging, we encourage toilet paper to be put into trash instead of flushed.   

Trees: Do not cut, or damage any live trees, bushes, or other natural surroundings. Picking up deadwood for campfire is encouraged.   

The Buildings; Camp Host: Do not trespass on the places designated with 'no trespassing' signs. The camp host’s RV and storage buildings are private property. You may knock on the front door of the camp host’s RV if you need assistance and cannot contact management via phone or in person.  

The Garden: We are in the process of creating a beautiful vegetable garden for you to enjoy. You must walk carefully and not damage the plants or anything in the garden. Please watch children and pets as some plants may pose a risk if touched or eaten. You are not allowed to pick or harvest items from the garden unless a sign is posted allowing you to do so. 

Vehicles.  All vehicles in the Park must be current on insurance, licensing and tags.  Any unauthorized vehicle, camper, or RV occupying a site, or ordered to be removed from a site, must vacate the site immediately upon notification from Park staff. If a vehicle, camper, or RV must be towed to remove it from a site, all associated costs will be the responsibility of the vehicle, camper, or RV owner. Tillamook Coast RV Park, LLC is not responsible for any damage caused by removing the vehicle, camper, or RV.   

Rules Specific to RV Areas: 

Your Site: All RV tenants must be at least 18 years old and are responsible for all individuals on site. Each RV site fee includes up to eight (8) persons, one wheeled sleeping unit, one vehicle and one tent (large families have an exception with permission from Park management.)   

RV Condition: Your RV must be in good working order, road-worthy, and be well-kept. We do not have a 10-year rule, but we will not accept any RVs with obvious broken or missing parts, inoperable safety equipment, tarps as roof coverings, or which are otherwise in any state of disrepair. Any satellite dishes must be in an approved location; please ask before installation. You are responsible for winterizing your RV/Camper if you stay during the cold season.   

FEMA:  We are in a special flood zone; consequently, FEMA requires all RVs and other vehicles to be move-ready at all times, and no stays longer than 180 consecutive days are permitted. All users of the Park under an RV Services Lease Agreement must specifically comply with Tillamook County Land Use Ordinance Section 3.510.    

RV Dump Station / Dumping: There is a $20 fee for use of the dump station, monthly renters will receive three (4) free dumps per month. All guests must sign up to use the dump station, sign-up sheets are located in the welcome center. Teninty & Son Inc will provide pump out service for you if wish to keep your RV parked; call them at 503-842-5005 to schedule a time. No public dumping is allowed. 

Rules Specific to Camping Areas: 

Your Site.  Tent camping sites include one (1) tent and one (1) vehicle (except for group camping).  Extra vehicles are $5.00 per night.  

Payment; You must provide Park staff with a valid credit card to keep on file.  You hereby give the Park your consent to charge any unpaid fees or charges, including but not limited to charges for repairs, cleaning, or unpaid nightly fees, to this credit card.   

Refunds: No refunds will be given if you choose to leave early. Also, no refunds will be provided if you are asked to leave early for violating these Rules or Camping Agreement.  Campers who are asked to leave due to a violation of these Rules or the Camping Agreement will not receive a refund, no matter the length of stay for which the camper paid.   

Vacation Use.  The camping areas are intended for short-term vacation occupancy and not full-time residential use.  No landlord-tenant relationship is created by your use of this Park.  

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PROCEDURES. We are fastidious about the safety of our guests in all cases, including man-made and natural disasters like high winds, tsunamis, fire, etc. Although we cannot and do not claim responsibility for these natural disasters, we have safety and evacuation plans in effect for them. During a disaster, we will try to use as many means as possible to keep guests informed, including Facebook, email, telephone and in-person verbal communication. Keep in mind that all these methods may not be available or operable so you are responsible for keeping yourself updated with reports on weather and other possible dangers. If evacuation is necessary or ordered, please stay calm and depart in an orderly fashion. Please adhere to posted speed limits. In the event of an emergency, please call Tillamook Fire Department (503-842-7587) or Tillamook Ambulance (503-815-2369) FIRST then alert the Park office. Please keep apprised of weather forecast and your local and regional news to keep you informed.   




RV Hookup Site 
$40 per night 

$235 weekly (7 night week)

$650 monthly

RV Dry Sites 
$30 per night 

$135 weekly (7 night week)

$500 monthly

Tent Sites

$30 per night (nightly rates only)

Day Pass
boat ramp, fishing, kayak, etc: $20.00

Boat Dock Tie Up
Rate: $350 per month

RV Site
Tent Sites
Oceanside Beach