The Lighthouse Resort, Marina & Restaurant

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The Lighthouse Resort, Marina & Restaurant

151 Brannan Island Road
Isleton, CA 95641
United States
Open Year Round


We are a home away from home for many campers who enjoy the peacefulness the California Delta life has to offer. Our members come from far and wide to enjoy the bounties our park has to offer and to enjoy what locals refer to as Delta Time, where things slow down, breaths are taken and tension rereleased, more family less work is seen and memories that last a life time are made.

The Lighthouse Resort has over 200 RV sites, 13 cabins, a swimming pool, mini golf course, a large clubhouse and a convenience store. The Restaurant is a short walk from the campground with fun activities daily. We also have extended stay options. Please visit the website, for more information, or call (916)777-5511.

Swimming Pool
Cabin Bedroom