Venture In RV Resort

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Venture In RV Resort

270 North Clark Road
Show Low, AZ 85901
United States
Opens: May 1
Closes: November 1


Venture In RV Resort is located in Eastern Arizona in the beautiful White Mountains and is consistently 25-30 degrees cooler than Phoenix or Tucson. Venture In RV Resort is a 389 site RV & Park Model community. Within 30 minutes of the Venture In RV Resort location is the best trout fishing lakes and streams in the region. Within a 50 miles radius is 3 National Forests, 32 lakes, 400 miles of Trout streams, 8 golf courses. Additional popular attractions are Sunrise Ski Resort, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert National Park, Mount Baldy Recreation area. Venture In RV Resort also offers a variety of activities and special events. Venture In RV Resort offers large RV and Park Model sites with concrete pads, full hookups, 30 & 50 Amp service, laundry facility, and cable tv. Other amenities include a Fitness Center, Computer Center, Card Rooms, Billiard room and multipurpose rooms.



270 N. Clark Rd., Show Low, AZ  85901   Office:  928-537-4443

ENCORE welcomes you to Venture In RV Resort. We strive to ensure your stay with us is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Please take time to read these guidelines and rules. Contact the office if you have any questions or concerns. This information is for your convenience, security and to help make the resort a pleasant atmosphere for resort living. Enjoy your stay with us!  



Venture In is an AGE QUALIFIED adult resort. All guests must register on arrival including annual site holders and renters of park models. If you are an RVer and would like to stay longer than the period you have reserved, please contact the office in advance to assure that your site is available.


*SPEED LIMIT:  The speed limit in the resort is 15 MPH. This includes bicycles, golf carts and any other motorized vehicles. This will be enforced by staff and management for your safety and the safety of others. Pedestrians and cyclists have the right of way. Report repeat offenders to the office.


*SITES:  PLEASE DO NOT WALK THROUGH ANY SITE.  This is to respect everyone’s privacy and your safety.  Please use a flashlight at night when walking in the resort. All sites are back-in. The resort does not have PULL THROUGH SITES. Sewer and electrical utility lines are located behind each site. DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH ANY SITE to the next street or site with an RV or vehicle. The trespassing camper will be charged for any damage caused by driving over utilities.  All RVs and park models must have a vapor sealed connection to the site sewer connection. No tents or campfires are permitted on sites. B-B-Q’s are permitted.  Manufactured above-ground metal fire pits with spark screen covers and chimneys with a spark screen over the chimney top are permitted.  Please keep your site and patio area neat and clean.  No indoor furniture or large appliances are permitted on your RV patio unless your porch is enclosed. If you rent a site for a month or longer it is your responsibility to keep the site weed and pine needle free. No bushes or trees can be planted on either side of your park model or RV. Get management permission before planting bushes or trees in front or behind your unit. Do not trim or remove park owned trees or bushes. Submit a maintenance work order through the office if trees need attention. Annually sited park models must be skirted within 30 days of arrival. All newly sited park models must have a cement driveway placed within 30 days of arrival.  Washing vehicles, RVs and park models on site is permitted. Vehicle repairing, overhauling, or servicing is not allowed in the resort.


SITE RENT:  Annual site rent is due May 1st of each year. All other guests pay the balance of site rent on arrival for their stay. See rate schedule card for refund policy. Site rent is based on two (2) people per site and includes water, sewer, trash, mail delivery to locked boxes, the use of all the resort facilities and the use of the Show Low City Park Aquatic Center.  Monthly to annual rates pay for the 30/50 AMP electrical service.  Basic cable TV, telephone and Wi-Fi are available at each site for an additional charge. Daily and weekly rates include electric and basic cable TV. Wi-Fi, other Internet options and telephone service are available for an additional fee. There is a daily resort fee of $3 per site for daily and weekly stays.


GUESTS:  Additional overnight guests are welcome. They are required to register at the office. The fee for the third person or more is $2.00 a night per person. The maximum stay for anyone younger than 40 years old is two (2) weeks per year.  This applies to monthly, seasonal and annuals. RV stays of less than 30 days cannot have guests younger than 40 staying with them. The registered resident must take full responsibility for the actions of their guest(s) in the park, REGARDLESS OF AGE. An adult must accompany children and teens at all times. The shuffleboard courts, computer room, billiard room, and fitness center have exclusive use by adults only. NO ONE UNDER 21 YEARS OF AGE WILL BE PERMITTED IN THESE AREAS.


PROBLEM REPORTING:  Call 911 for fire, medical emergency or police. Please notify the office of any emergency incidents or if you have a resort problem such as electrical, water, tree trimming, etc.  If you have an EMERGENCY AFTER HOURS, call the office 928-537-4443 and the answering machine has an emergency contact phone number, or see the office door for the on-duty Resort Hosts for help.


PHONE BOOTHS:  Pay telephone booths are located on the east side of the recreation hall near the

B-B-Q’s and picnic tables.


EMERGENCY TELEPHONE MESSAGES:  Emergency messages are taken by the office from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and delivered immediately. Other messages will be posted on the message board located outside the office. The office answering machine takes messages at (928) 537-4443 and is cleared daily.


I’M OK CLUB:  The resort has a call-in program to the office answering machine seven days a week to let us know that you are OK.  It is a simple call into the office each morning.   We check the answering machine for your call by 8:30 A.M. daily.  If you do not call in, we call you back. If you do not answer we come over to your unit to make sure you are OK.  If you want to join the Club, see the office. 


PETS:  Pets are welcome in the established pet areas. Two pets per site—and no aggressive breeds—are allowed. Pet waste must be picked up immediately. Leashes: All pets must be on a leash when outside. Leashes can be no longer than 6 feet while walking in the resort streets. Please put leashes on pets before opening the door to go outside with them. This is to keep the dogs out of other sites, being run over and out of dog fights. If you use a reel leash, roll it in at 6 feet and lock it until you are either out of the resort, in the retention basin near the entrance to the resort, or on your site. Pet owners with exterior enclosed fences may allow their pets off the leash, but cannot be left outside unattended either in a fenced area or on a leash. Do not walk pets on occupied sites. Do not walk your dog or cat in the non-pet section. This includes the mailbox area, clubhouse, office, any resort buildings, laundry room, or grass area even if the pet is in a golf cart or being carried. If you are not familiar with the areas designated for pets, please pick up a map at the office. Waste Pick Up: Pet waste must be cleaned up immediately anywhere in the resort and in front of the resort.  Please carry plastic bags whenever you walk your pet.  Do not allow pets to urinate on plants or flowers anywhere in the resort. Pets are allowed to use your assigned site to do their “business”, the retention basin, and they can go outside the resort along the front path. There are three (3) exits along the front fence of the resort to walk your pet; the resort’s main entrance, the west and east end gate.  There are receptacles provided for pet waste at these three (3) locations.

Disruptive Pets:  Noisy or unruly pets will not be permitted to remain in the resort unless the problem is resolved. Please leave your pet with someone who can watch them if you leave them home alone. If this is not possible, leave your pet in the back of your RV with a radio or television on so they won’t bark and howl, disturbing your neighbors. Block the windows and glass doors so pets don’t see anyone to bark at.  Cats: Indoor cats are permitted in any site in the resort. If you want to walk them outside, take them by car to the retention basin in the resort. They cannot go outside around your site in the non-pet section.

Assistive Animals for disabled residents or guests are the exception to being allowed in the resort facilities. The assistive pet must be registered with the office immediately upon arrival.


QUIET HOURS:  Quiet hours are from 10:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M. Noise caused by construction work, running machinery, equipment, etc., is permitted only between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Monday through Saturday. All other times are to be deemed “Quiet Time” and reserved for the enjoyment of the residents. Please be courteous to your neighbors. If you have a problem with a resident or contractor, please notify the office or Resort Host on duty.


*OFFICE SERVICES:  Office Hours are 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. After hours, the Resort Hosts are available at their site. Check at the office door or call the office, 928-537-4443, for the Resort Host on duty’s site number and telephone number. Copies and faxing services are available at the office for a fee. The resort’s fax number is (928) 537-8764. A quarter (25¢) change machine is available in the laundry room for laundry, newspapers, water, soda, etc. Name badges can be obtained from the office. We do not sell postage stamps. For lost money in the laundry equipment see the office.


LAUNDRY NAME BADGES:  A Venture In name badge with our logo must be worn when using the laundry room.  This is to help prevent people from outside the resort using our washers and dryers.


ACTIVITIES AND AMENITIES: Venture In RV Resort’s Activity Director’s telephone number is

(928) 537-5180. Scheduled activities and entertainment are planned May through October. The Activity Director is in charge of scheduling all activities for all resort rooms in the resort. Please see her to reserve a room or to schedule an event. A monthly Newsletter, “The View”, will be placed in each locked mailbox the first of each month from June to October. If you have an article or advertisement for “The View” please give it to the Activity Director by the 20th of the month for the next issue. Every site has a locked U.S. mailbox and a “Cubbyhole” mailbox for in-park mail located in the breezeway behind the office, between the Activity Director’s office and billiard room. The resort has a Recreation Hall with kitchen, 17+ computer room with high speed internet service, Computer Club, 6-table billiard room, laundry, fitness center, restrooms in every building, showers, pay phones, library, card rooms, WII room, arts and crafts room, 4 shuffleboard courts, horseshoes, bocce ball, a Singles Club and more. Restrooms and showers are open 24 hours a day.  Bar-B-Qs’ and picnic tables are located on the east side of the Rec Hall for your use. Make sure the rooms and picnic area you use are left clean and litter free after each use.


SMOKERS:  Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. Fire approved safety containers are provided outside the recreation facilities for your cigarette butts.  Smoking in the resort buildings or within 20 feet of any doorway or window is not allowed. This is a State Law.


GARBAGE:  Place garbage in the dumpsters located in the center of the resort at the east end of the recreation complex, in the fenced area next to the Maintenance Shop. Use plastic bags with ties to eliminate odors and insects. Do not leave garbage or items on the pavement in the dumpster area. Any usable item can be donated to the Computer Club. Do not put oil, paint or toxic chemicals in the dumpsters. See the office for suggested disposal methods. All cardboard boxes must be trash free and broken down before being put in the dumpsters. Large appliances and large construction material cannot be placed in the dumpsters. Residents and contractors must take it to the landfill.  Recycle bins for clean aluminum cans provided by the Show Low Lions Club are located in the dumpster are.  Only clean aluminum cans are to be left for recycle in the receptacles marked for aluminum cans only.  Thanks!


*SITE CHOICE PRIORITY:  DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY AND SEASONAL RESIDENTS (3 to 6 months) are considered short-term and may be asked to move at the end of their reservation if they decide to extend their stay. Annual site reservations have first choice of sites over seasonal site reservations. Seasonal site reservations have first choice over monthly reservations (1 or 2 month stays).  Only an annual reservation can bump a seasonal reservation. You must be an annual site holder in order to have a storage shed on the site.  Sheds must be approved in writing in advance by management before placement on site.  If a short term RVer becomes an annual site holder the unused portion of their rent will be applied toward the annual rent.


*ELECTRIC BILLS: Electric service is included in the daily and weekly rates. Monthly and seasonal RVers’ electric meters will be read on arrival and every 30 days thereafter.  Their bills will be placed in their locked mailbox. Electric meters for annual rent paying guests are read approximately on the 15th of each month. If the meter has changed, an electric bill will be generated and put in your locked mailbox the first week of each month. If the meter has not changed there will be no bill or service fee charge. A $10.00 fee will be charged for all past due bills not paid within 25 days of billing date. All checks should


be made out to Venture In. Credit cards can be used to pay electric bills. When annual residents leave for the summer, electric meters will be read in the middle of the month as usual. The bill will be mailed to the most recent address the site holder gave to the office.


 VEHICLE PARKING:  Parking vehicles on the street during the day is permitted except for RVs.  The only time RVs can park on the street is when the owner has a park model.  The RV can park on the street in front of the owner’s park model for 2 days and 1 night continuously at the beginning and end of the season to unload and load. No overnight street parking is permitted of any kind, i.e., vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, golf carts, ATVs, etc., other than as stated above for park model owners and RVs. Vehicles are to be parked in resident’s driveway only. Vehicles that do not fit or extend out into the street too far to be safe must be kept in storage off site.  Parking around the resort buildings overnight is not permitted unless you have a pass from the office.  Pick up a guest parking pass and register your guests. Vacant RV sites cannot be used for parking anything, i.e., golf carts, a guest vehicles, etc. If you are not renting the site you cannot park on it.  No more than one RV can be parked on a site.  If your only mode of transportation is a second RV it would have to be stored off site.  The only exception would be a small Class “B’ Van type RV.  It would have to be your only mode of transportation, the propane would have to be turned off while in the resort and no one could spend the night in it while parked on your site or on the street.  A site would have to be rented from the office for overnighters to use it in Venture In.


2ND VEHICLE PARKING SITES: Venture In does not have a storage area for RVs and vehicles. There maybe a “few” sites not being used for RVs available for parking a 2nd vehicle (not RVs, boats, trailers, ATV’s motorcycles, etc.) for $25.00 per month. If you only have one vehicle it must park in your rented site driveway. Renting a 2nd vehicle parking site is not an option in order to have an empty driveway. If you have a boat trailer, ATV trailer, a motorcycle trailer or trailer for hauling stuff; these will have to park in your primary living site driveway or be stored off site. Once you have paid for a 2nd vehicle parking site you can only park a 2nd transportation truck (without RV camper), SUV or car in it. You will be first in line for a 2nd parking site the following year. To keep this 2nd vehicle parking site you must pay for a full 6 months ($150) by May 1st each year prior to season opening. If you don’t pay for the full season you will lose the site. It isn’t automatically yours next season unless you pay for it in full in advance. Please contact the office to be put on the list for a 2nd vehicle parking site if you don’t have one now and would like one in the future.


SITE IMPROVEMENTS AND/OR ALTERATIONS: DO NOT DIG WITHOUT MANAGEMENT APPROVAL.  All exterior changes, paint color, additions or refurbishing to your site must have management approval before proceeding with a project.  Installation of fences, decks, additional living quarters (Arizona rooms), extra bathrooms, sheds, washer/dryer installations, added electrical wiring, added plumbing, awnings, gates, outdoor carpeting, new roofs/coatings or any other additions or alterations to the site must be accompanied with a “plot plan” form from the office. This “plot plan” form allows you to provide a complete drawing of the project with measurements, colors to be used, types of materials and the location of the project on the site. Turn the completed “plot plan” form into the office for management to review and approve prior to starting the project.  If the “plot plan” is approved the original approved copy will be put in your locked mailbox. If management has questions you will be contacted as soon as possible.  Be sure to put a can-be-reached telephone number on the plot plan form that you hand into the office. Permits from the City of Show Low may be required. Some perimeter sites can accommodate a backyard shed as well as one under their carport. Sheds can be no larger than 100 square feet. Sheds and Arizona rooms built under the carport are required to be built to the roof of the carport.  The outer wall skin of a shed or Arizona room must match the type and color of the park model. No aluminum constructed sheds are allowed without wood interior framing. Sufficient room must be left in the driveway to accommodate a vehicle.  Fenced backyards must be constructed with a gate on both sides for the meter reader to be able to walk through the back yard. Use sturdy materials only when building fences and gates.  

RENTING YOUR PARK MODEL OR RV OUT TO A 3RD PARTY:  Please be sure renters are age qualified (See GUESTS on page 1) and if your site is located in the non-pet section, make sure they do not have dogs or outdoor cats. Your renter MUST register on arrival with the office.  If they arrive on Saturday or Sunday the renters will need to check in on Monday with the office. The office needs to know their names and information in case of an emergency and if they will be receiving mail.  They are

considered residents of the resort so they will receive resort maps, rules, name badges, activity schedules

and must complete a registration card in the office. We do not read the meter on the arrival or departure of your renter if you rent annually. The owner is responsible for the electric bill.  The electric bill will be mailed to the owner for payment. The renter can come to the office the first week of the month and pay the electric bill for the previous month if the owner makes this arrangement with the renter. All annual electric meters are read on the 15th of each month. The office does not hold RV or park model keys for your renters to pick up. 


SALE OF TRAILERS AND PARK MODELS:  There is no refund of annual site rent should a park model be sold.  The sellers can negotiate reimbursement of the unused portion of the annual rent with the buyer. Park models and RVs coming into the resort, sited on an annual basis, cannot be more than ten (10) years old.  RVs older than ten (10) years cannot be sold in the park to stay annually.  Park models older than ten (10) years can be sold and stay in the resort, but they have to remain on their existing site.  Park models cannot be moved to another site in Venture In if they are older than ten (10) years.  For sale signs are only allowed in the front of an RV or park model.  For sale signs may be advertised on the designated bulletin board in the breezeway by the mailboxes and for a small fee in the resort newsletter.  Notify the office if you are selling your park model or RV.  The office will put it on the re-sale list that is handed out to visitors.  The office can inform you who can help you sell your park model or RV if you choose not to sell it yourself.  Buyers must have a background check done by the office before buying.


IF YOU SELL YOUR PARK MODEL: Notify the office immediately if you have a buyer for your annually sited park model or RV.  If the park model or RV is going to continue to stay on the site as an annual, the buyer will be required to complete forms for a criminal background check for each occupant and pay the office $25 per occupant do have this done. A criminal background check will not be necessary if the buyer is already an annual resident of Venture In.  The prospective buyer must be given a copy of these rules and regulation, meet the age requirements for Venture In, have their pets approved by the office and pass the criminal background check before the sale can be finalized. The office will also provide the seller with a Transfer of Sale Form to be completed at the time the sale is finalized. The Transfer of Sale Form must be returned to the office so ownership can be changed on the site, the electric meter can be read on the right date and registration forms can be completed by the new owners.  The new owners must register with the office before moving into their new home.  Don’t lose a sale because you don’t do the above prior to the sale.


SOLICITORS:  There is to be no soliciting without permission from the office.  If a solicitor comes to your door, please notify the office or Resort Hosts.  Schwan’s Home Delivery is allowed to come through the resort.


AGE QUALIFING RULE:  Venture In RV Resort is an age-qualified resort. H.U.D., Housing and Urban Development Department for the U.S. Government, regulates the rules that require an Age-Qualified Adult Community to have at least 80% of their community age 55 years old or older to justify that no one under the age of 40 be able to stay for more than 2 weeks a year.  The law also states that the other 20% occupancy can be guests 40 years old or older.  This is why we ask for your birth dates each year on your registration card to prove that the resort has 80% residency.



*Winterize: Make a reservation for next summer if you are an RVer.  RVs can be left on site year round by paying the difference in annual rent and what you have already paid for their current stay.  If you own a park model or leave your RV here for the winter, make arrangements to have your unit winterized.  This is a must because water left in the pipes and tanks will freeze and crack them. Turn off the switch inside the park model/RV for the hot water tank.  Be sure the thermostat control is in the OFF position for your furnace and air conditioner in your park model.  Turn off the main switch in the main electric panel built on the park model/RV, especially if your furnace thermostat does not have an OFF switch. Secure items left in your driveway and put a block against your exterior doors so they do not pop open due to wind, heavy snow or temperature changes.  Check for loose skirting and secure it so it won’t blow away in our high winter winds. Lower window awnings so they are not damaged when melting snow slides off the roof.  Wedge 2”x4's” lumber under the middle beam and side beam of the carport to prevent the awning from collapsing under heavy snow loads, especially if the carport pole supports are less than 3” in diameter or if the awning roof does not extend beyond the side beam.  


Electric Bills: Notify the office before you leave the summer.  Your final electric bill will need to be paid if you are leaving with your RV.  Final electric bills for annuals will be mailed to your winter address.


Mail Forwarding Service:   The U.S. Post Office in Show Low will not be forwarding your mail after you leave for the summer.  Venture In has a sub-station for the resort.  Advise Venture In office when you will be leaving for the season. Check the address we have in our computer to see if it is correct for forwarding your mail.  Advise your permanent winter address Post Office that your temporary change of address to Venture In has ended.  Have them stop forwarding mail to Venture In and start sending it to your winter address.  Just like the regular post office, Venture In will be making forwarding labels for you if first (1st) class or second (2nd) class mail (magazines and newspapers) is sent here in error for you.  The office will forward this mail to you using the address we have in the computer.  Please notify all senders of 1st class mail, newspapers and magazines right away of your winter address if they are using Venture In’s address.  A very good reason to do this is when we forward 1st and 2nd class mail to you (which we have to do legally) there may be postage due at your end to receive it.  2nd class mail will be forwarded to you for 60 days. Third (3rd) class mail will not be forwarded to you if it is addressed to Venture In’s address such as; pre-sorted-NON-1st class mail, non-profit mail, or junk mail.  It will not be held for you. It will be shredded and thrown away just as the post office does.  If you want any of this type of mail to come to you, notify the senders of your winter address.  By making your winter address your permanent address you only have to turn in a temporary address change with your winter Post Office and all summer they will forward your mail to Venture In.  You nor the Venture In’s office will have to deal with mail forwarding your winter mail.



The office hours in the winter months are 10A.M. to 3 P.M., Monday through Friday. The resort is closed on the weekends and holidays; Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas, New Years, and Presidents Day. Please call the office if you plan to come up to the resort. Check in at the office on arrival so we know you are in the resort. We close the gates at 3:00 P.M. There can be no overnight stays in the resort during the winter.  


MANAGEMENT:  Management reserves the right to make changes deemed necessary to rent and to these regulations at any time.  Management shall not be responsible for any loss due to fire, accident, theft or natural disasters to residents, guests or their property.  This property is privately owned and management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  Management has the right to approve or reject the type, size, and appearance of all park models, trailers and motor homes.  Repeated violations to the resort rules could result in fines levied and/or eviction from the resort.           




Because we get a lot of snow in the winter, we are only open seasonally.