Washers, washoes, Texas horseshoes, holey board and washer toss are but a few of the names for the washers game which is a traditional American backyard game of skill, played by two or more contestants. Whatever you like to call it, it's a fun way to pass time while camping and having fun with family and friends.

Shanghai Rummy has one of the longest rule descriptions of any of the games we feature on Go Camping America. However, it's one of our favorites for a reason and think it's worth the few extra minutes to get through the rules.

Hand and Foot is a North American game related to canasta. Each player is dealt two sets of cards using one as the “hand” and one as the “foot. There are numerous variations of the game and no “standard” rules, but here's our favorite way to play.

Gas and charcoal each offer a different grilling experience. While some find it easier to grill with gas, charcoal has advantages of its own that you should consider. Whichever you choose, here are a few rules to make sure your grilling experience is a good one.