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Even if you’re an avid camper, there may be times when you feel that your only option is to find lodging at a hotel. But the next time you think “hotel,” you just may want to think again.

The options available to today’s camping enthusiasts far exceed anything our parents or grandparents had available to them. In fact, many of today’s privately owned RV resorts offer luxurious amenities comparable to some of the finest hotels.

Yurts are modern versions of the types of the ancient shelters that were used by Central Asian nomads.They are also a fun place to spend your next getaway!

Vacations help people rejuvenate themselves by escaping the stresses of work and everyday life. But growing numbers of Americans also see vacations as opportunities to refresh and strengthen themselves in a physical sense by engaging in hiking, swimming, bicycling and other recreational activities.

Washers, washoes, Texas horseshoes, holey board and washer toss are but a few of the names for the washers game which is a traditional American backyard game of skill, played by two or more contestants. Whatever you like to call it, it's a fun way to pass time while camping and having fun with family and friends.


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