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Spanning from Point Mugu to Monterey Bay, the Central Coast of California is one of the most scenic regions in the country. Areas such as Big Sur, the Los Padres National Forest, and Santa Cruz provide some of the best camping in California.

The Desert Regions of Southern California produce some of the most extreme environments on Earth. Camping in this area may seem like a dubious proposition, but there are some fantastic campgrounds and amazing sights to see.

Few things pique human interests like celestial exploration. Over the past decade, the quest for new space discoveries has hit new heights, with advanced technology making the universe seem more reachable than ever before.

California's Shasta Cascade is undoubtedly one of the states most beautiful regions. Best known for Mount Shasta, the fifth highest peak in California, this region is also home to some incredible lakes, rivers, and waterfalls.

Gold Country is one of California's most historic regions. Known primarily for the 1849 Gold Rush, this area has since been turned into a quaint tourist destination, with sights such as the Kennedy Gold Mine, the Downieville Museum, and historic Downtown Auburn.

Want to ensure that your next camping trip is relaxing, stress-free, and focused on the fun, not the chores, in the outdoors? The following camping tips will ensure more time in the hammock and less time over a camp stove.


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