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America is teeming with spots that pay homage to our most famous and beloved authors making a lit lover’s road trip fairly simple to plan. When you’re mapping out your scholarly journey, take a note from Thoreau and remember that the great outdoors stimulates literary inspiration.

If you’re looking to get off the beaten “historical” path, we’ve listed some great histrocial spots with fantastic campgrounds just a short distance away. Brush up on some history by day and enjoy the campgrounds by night. Also makes an excellent “How I spent my summer” essay.

Some weekends, we crave the comforts of home in a park model or RV. On others though, campers are looking for that “pure” camping experience – tents, roasting marshmallows on actual sticks and getting back to nature.

The Southeast United States attracts visitors from all over the world thanks to its incredibly diverse terrain, friendly people, and fascinating history. Each state offers something unique, from the incredible beaches of Florida to the lush forests of Georgia.


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