The Nation's Best Biking Trails To Camp Along the Way

Campgrounds make for great base camps, not only for hiking but biking.
Many campgrounds, in fact, are located close to North America’s premier bicycle trails.

“There are places where you can ride on trails and camp along the way,” said Dave Schneider of Indian Trails Campground in Pardeeville, Wis. “It’s a fabulous way for families to reconnect with each other.”

Schneider said some of his fondest memories involve bicycle camping with his parents during his middle school and high school years. “If you take a family on a bicycle trip it’s something the kids will never forget, even if they only do it once,” he said.

Working with the Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners, Schneider helped form a “Bike N Camp” (www.bike-n-camp.com) network of 13 Wisconsin campgrounds that will haul bicyclists’ camping supplies from park to park for a small fee.

“We’ve had some bicyclists who haul their own gear, but it’s helpful to offer the service to families that don’t want to carry the extra load on their bicycles,” he said.

Across the country, there are numerous bicycle trails with nearby campgrounds.

The Rails to Trails Conservancy (railstotrails.org) notes that there are more than 1,600 preserved pathways along the routes of former railway lines and other corridors across the country, many of which are ideal for bicycling.

Several major bicycle trails are located in scenic and historic areas of the country. They include:

GoCampingAmerica.com has a search function that enables you to pinpoint campgrounds that have bicycle routes nearby. While bicycling enthusiasts often travel with their own bikes, many campgrounds offer bicycle rentals.

Here’s a sampling of additional links to some of the more popular bicycle routes across North America. To find places to use as your bicycle base camp, simply cross check the cities near the bicycle routes of interest to you with campgrounds listed on this website. The following links will get you started: