Find a Park

Rent a Park Model or Cabin for Your Next Girls' Weekend

Luxury RV ResortSo, you and your friends have decided that it’s time to get away and have a little fun, unwind, and catch up. The question now is where to go and where to stay. How about staying in a park model, cabin, or vacation rental at a campground? These type of accommodations have more space, amenities, scenic views and activities than your average hotel room. Plus, they cost less than staying at a hotel or condo.

What’s a park model?

Park models, which are also sometimes referred to as trailers or rentals, are like cottages, but on wheels so they can be moved. Despite the sound of them, they can be quite cute and often include a skirt around them so you can’t even tell a park model/trailer from a stationary cottage. Park models have up to 400 square feet of space and, like cabins and cottages, come with all the comforts of home from appliances and dishes to beds and cable TV.

Hang out. Spread out. Get out—and about

What’s great about staying at a park model or cabin is that you can share one area as a group instead of being scattered in different hotel rooms. Most include pullout couches in addition to the bedrooms, so you can sleep more people. It’s also nice having a kitchen to prepare meals or snacks in, especially for longer weekends. Best of all, most cabins or park models have decks or porches, so you can sit outside and enjoy the view with your friends while sipping on your drink of choice and dishing about the latest news.

CabinsAn experience all its own

So, what’s your activity of choice for your girls’ weekend? Shopping? Visiting a hot springs or spa? Lazing on the beach? Touring wineries? Golfing? Just relaxing? Whatever you and your gal pals have up your sleeve, staying at a campground will add its own brand of fun that will make your experience even more unique and create memories you’ll be talking about at future gatherings.

After hitting the shops, golf course or other activity during the day, imagine coming back to the campground and bonding by a campfire at night, eating s'moreos and listening to music and each other’s stories. You could also play games around the kitchen table or give each other facials. Then again, you may prefer to hang at the campground in the day instead and catch some rays at the pool, then hit the nearby nightlife. (Or hang at the pool to recover from the previous evening’s escapade as the case may be….)

Of course, if you want the true camping experience, there’s always an adventure to be had near a campground. You can go on a rafting or canoe trip together, take a group hike, bond over a ziplining experience, or make up an exciting outdoor adventure of your own. The possibilities are endless.

The bottom line is that whatever your activity of choice, there’s likely a campground nearby with park models or cabins where you can stay in comfort and all be together. So pick a location, check out Find a Park page, and start planning your next girls’ weekend today!